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Join Freedom Township Fire Company

Thre Freedom Township Volunteer Fire Company is always willing to accept new members.  If you want to be part of a great group (family) of men and women, please stop down and put an application in.  Whether you want to fight fire, be a vehicle rescue tech., or just come to help out with fundraisers, we would gladly like to have you.







ADOPTED: March 12, 2013




Chuck Meckley - President

Matt May – Vice President

Jeff Smith - Secretary

Scott Caldwell

Melvin Edmundson

Ron Henry

Don Shock

Mike Flaugh












            Section 1. This incorporated organization shall be known as the Freedom Township Volunteer Fire Company. The address of the organization shall be 139 Municipal Street in East Freedom Pennsylvania and the zip code shall be 16637.

            Section 2. The object of this company shall be to protect life and property from any emergencies and also to promote the welfare of the township and surrounding communities.

            Section 3. Upon the dissolution of the corporation or the organization, the current Administrative Officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, and Secretary or governing staff shall, after paying or making provisions for the payment of all of the liabilities of the corporation or organization, dispose of all the assets of the corporation or organization in such manner, or to such organization(s) organized and operated exclusively for charitable, educational, religious, or scientific purpose as shall at the time qualify as an exempt organization(s) under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 (or corresponding provision of any future United States Internal Revenue Law), as the Board of Directors or governing staff shall determine. Any such assets not so disposed of shall be disposed of by the Court of Common Pleas of the county in which the principal office of the corporation or organization is then located, exclusively for such purpose as said Court shall determine, which are organized and operated exclusively for such purposes.







            Section 1. The elected officers of the company shall consist of: a President; Vice President; Treasurer; Secretary; Financial Secretary; Chief; and Deputy Chief. No member can hold the office of the Chief and President at the same time nor the office of Treasurer and Financial Secretary at the same time. The Chief and Deputy Chief must be residents of the Freedom Township Volunteer Fire Company’s first due coverage area.

            Section 2. The appointed offices of the company shall consist of; a board of trustees, six (6) in total; a Chaplain; three (3) delegates to Blair County Allied; three (3) delegates to Central Districts; one (1) delegate to the State of Pennsylvania Association; and one (1) Hall Manager. All appointed offices are selected by volunteers, or if no volunteers, then the President will make an appointment.

            Section 3. The Chief and Deputy Chief shall appoint a third, fourth, and fifth Assistant Chief. The Chief shall appoint up to two (2) Engineers; up to five (5) additional Line Officers; one (1) safety officer; and up to two (2) Training Officers. The Chief shall also submit a request of names to the Township Board of Supervisors for positions of Fire Police personnel for their approval. Only those appointed to Fire Police by the Board of Supervisors can hold a Fire Police position.

            Section 4. The Trial Committee shall consist of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Secretary, The Chief, Deputy Chief, and the entire Board of Trustees, unless one of those offices are the accuser or accused. A minimum of seven (7) on the Trial Committee shall constitute a quorum.






            Section 1. Business meetings shall be held on the second Tuesday of each month starting approximately at 1900 hours and be held at the Freedom Township Fire Station. The meeting must have at least (7) seven members, in good standings, and (1) one elected administrative officer, in good standings, to conduct the meeting.

            Section 2. A special meeting may be called by the President or Vice President at the request of seven (7) members in good standing and must be posted twenty-four (24) hours before the start of the meeting. The names and a copy of the call shall be posted on the member’s entrance door to the fire station. Only the posted call of the meeting shall be stated. After roll call, only the business of the call can be discussed.





            Section 1. President: It shall be the duty of the President to preside at the meetings of the Company and maintain order therein; to take the opinion on all motions when seconded and decide the question when a tie vote is cast; to call a special meeting as provided for in these By-laws; the President may sit on all committees; to have the chairs of all absent officers filled; to appoint committee members or volunteers in good standings; and to within ten (10) days after term of office has expired, transfer all company property into the hands of the new President. The President shall, subject to the approval of the Administrative Officers, appoint Parliamentarian to interpret these by-laws; such interpretation to be binding on the Company.

            Section 2. Vice President: It shall be the duty of the Vice President to fill the chair of the President during his/her absence and follow the duties described in Article IV, Section 1 when filling the chair of President; may sit on all committees; and to within ten (10) days after term of office has expired, transfer all Company property into the hands of the new Vice President.

        Section 3. Secretary: It shall be the duty of the Secretary to call all meetings to order in the absence of the President and Vice President; to have the option to elect a temporary President; to keep and file a correct record of the proceedings of the meeting of the Company; to file all communication papers and other administrative property belonging to the Company; to not loan the same without the permission of the President; to maintain the safety deposit box if used; to be punctual at all meetings; to receive and answer all communications; to attest certifications when required; to notify all new members of their membership status; to perform the duties of the historian; shall within ten (10) days after term of office has expired, transfer all Company property into the hands of the new Secretary.

        Section 4. Treasurer: It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to have charge of all General Accounts of the Company; to maintain yearly bank statements, canceled checks and receipts for payment; to provide a financial statement at monthly meeting; to pay all outstanding debts in a timely manner; and to within ten (10) days after term of office has expired, transfer all Company property and banking information into the hands of the new Treasurer.

            Section 5. Financial Secretary: It shall be the duty of the Financial Secretary to keep roll call of all active members in good standings; to collect and keep an accurate accounting of all Company deposits for the General Account; to distribute mail; to supply the Treasurer with deposit slips from the bank; and to within ten (10) days after term of office has expired, transfer all Company property into the hands of the new Financial Secretary.


            Section 6. Accounts: It shall be the duties of the Treasurer and one (1) of the President, Vice President, and Financial Secretary to sign on all orders drawn by the Company, with the exception of the relief account.

            Section 7. Chief: It shall be the duty of the Chief to have complete control of the Company in all cases of emergencies or non-emergencies in which the Company is called to duty. The Chief and the Deputy Chief shall appoint all Assistant Chiefs. The Chief shall be responsible for all fire equipment at all times.

            Section 8. Deputy Chief and Assistant Chiefs: It shall be the duties of the Deputy Chief and Assistant Chiefs to perform all the duties of the Chief when he/she is absent from the Company; and to follow the proper chain of command when called to duty.

            Section 9. Trustees: It shall be the duty of the Board of Trustees to oversee and maintain all Company property except fire equipment; to report any emergency directly to the Executive Administrative Officers and to report any recommendations to the membership at the following Company meeting.

            Section 10. Chaplain: It shall be the duty of the Chaplain to be present at all functions that require his/her services.

            Section 11. Delegates: It shall be the duty of the Delegates to be present at all meetings and present themselves at all functions representing the Company as required or assigned.

            Section 12. Hall Manager: It shall be the duty of the Hall Manager to handle all bookings for use of the hall; to maintain proper paperwork for contracts for rentals; to assure the hall is maintained and cleaned at all times; to report upcoming rentals to the membership at the regular meeting; to be given the power to negotiate with the public a fair market rate for rental; and to within ten (10) days after term of office has expired, transfer all Company property into the hands of the new Hall Manager.

            Section 13. Engineer(s): It shall be the duty of the Engineer(s) to keep all equipment in full operating order as overseen by the Chief; to notify the Chief in cases of repairs needed beyond the capabilities of the Engineer(s); and to keep a repair log on all equipment.

            Section 14. Truck Officers: It shall be the duty of the Truck Officers to aid the Engineer(s) in all duties performed.

            Section 15. Training Officer(s): It shall be the duty of the Training Officer(s) to maintain all training records and notify the Chief of members not meeting the training requirements set by the Company; to plan all training classes; and to provide a signup sheet for all training.






            Section 1. Any member, in good standings, may propose a person for membership at any regular meeting. The proposal must be accompanied with an application which needs to be completely filled out by the applicant. Background check and child abuse verification must be produced with the application. Application will not be voted on until background check is completed. All expense associated with the background check is the applicants responsibility.

            Section 2. The new applicants name must be brought up at the regular meeting in which the membership shall vote on the acceptance of the applicant. New applicants accepted by the membership, are placed on a six (6) month probation period. The new applicant is expected to carry out the duties as a member in good standings as stated by the membership. At the end of the probation period, the new applicant is voted on by the membership to be given full membership privileges, and be labeled as a member in good standing. The new applicant must have met the required attendance while on the probation period, in order to become a full member in good standing.

            Section 3. This Company authorizes the membership of Junior Members. They must follow the rules of the State Child Labor Laws and follow all probationary members requirements associated with Article V, Section 2.

            Section 4. All new associate members must have a background check and child abuse check at time of application. All expenses associated with the background check are the applicant’s responsibility. Associate members shall be allowed to help with fund raising functions; allowed to vote for Executive Administrative Officers if they have met all requirements outlined in Article VI, Section 1.   All persons interested in being an associate member must attend a meeting to be voted into the Company as such unless a special request is noted and they are voted in at a monthly meeting. All members who are already an associate member and wish to become a regular member must re-apply for regular membership and follow all rules for new membership standards.





            Section 1. Good Standing Members. A member can gain the title of a Good Standing Member by attending (50) fifty percent of the fund-raising functions and (50) fifty percent of the meetings. Excused absences for meetings shall be limited to illness, military leave, work, school, and training. The members must contact an Executive Administrative Officer prior to the meeting to attain credit. The only excusable absence for fundraisers is Military leave.

                        Subpart A. For the purposes of elections of the Chief and Deputy Chief, a Member in Good Standing must also meet ten percent (10.0%) of fire calls. If this percentage is not met, that member may only vote for Executive Administration officers if he/she meets the requirements defined in Article VI, Section 1.

                        Subpart B. New members must attain a status of member in good standing a minimum of 6 months prior to voting.

                        Subpart C. The eligibility dates to meet the above mentioned requirements shall extend from December 1st of the current year and expire on November 30th of the following year.

                        Section 2. Any member in good standings may receive a key to the building on approval by the Chief and President at the time of acceptance to regular membership.

            Section 3. Only members (18) eighteen or older may hold an office.

            Section 4. No person may become a member of the Company until the age of fourteen (14). A workers permit must be provided at the time of application.

            Section 5. No resignation shall be accepted unless it is in writing accompanied by a certificate from the Secretary that such member is not in arrears to the Company and all property of the Company held by the resigning member has been turned over to the Company. At the time of receiving the letter, the resignation shall be read and placed in the minutes. If a member is expelled, they forfeit all rights and immunities of the Company.

            Section 6. The Company shall carry workers’ compensation insurance on all, regular and associate, members attending any fire department related function.

            Section 7. Any member in good standings with fifteen (15) consecutive years of service shall be granted lifetime membership. A member who is eligible for lifetime membership status must be voted on by the members upon time of the anniversary.







            Section 1. The nomination of officers shall be accepted for two (2) months starting at October’s monthly meeting and closing at November’s meeting. Voting shall take place at December’s meeting.     The election committee, appointed by the President, shall verify voting eligibility of the members and nominee eligibility and post the results for review before the election.


            Section 2. Voting shall be done by ballot and the candidate receiving the majority of votes cast, shall be elected for that office. If there is a tie on the first ballot, the candidates receiving the lowest number of votes, shall be dropped and a new ballot cast, for the remaining candidates, and then voted on, and continuing, following these steps until one (1) candidate has received a majority vote.

            Section 3. A Member in Good Standings that has met all voting requirements underlined in Article VI, Section1 may obtain an absentee ballot from the President of the Company, to be filled out, sealed in an envelope, and turned in to the Freedom Township Municipal Authority Secretary for safe keeping until the election.

            Section 4. A member wishing to decline election to office must do so prior to the election in December either by declining at a meeting in person or by submitting a letter in writing to the Secretary. Nominations may not be opened at the December meeting unless an office has no candidates.


            Section 5. All newly elected fire officers will take office the first minute of the New Year and must be sworn in to office by a Township Official on or before December 31st.  Failing to be sworn in will result in the current officer retaining that position until the new officer is sworn in.

            Section 6. All newly elected Executive Administrative Officers will take over their position at January’s monthly meeting.






            Section 1. The President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Chief, and Deputy Chief shall serve one (1) year terms, with no limit of consecutive terms.

            Section 2. The trustees on the Board of Trustees shall serve as follows: Two (2) will serve one (1) year; two (2) will serve two years; two (2) will serve 3 years. Upon the new year, two (2) trustees will be elected to serve for three years.





            Should a vacancy occur in any office where there is an assistant, the assistant shall fill the un-expired term; otherwise a special election must be held within (31) thirty-one days.







            Section 1. Any officer may be removed from office after being absent for three (3) consecutive meetings, without reasonable excuse. Officers may also be expelled for violation of the By-laws, breach of trust, or improper conduct.

            Section 2. If the Chief or Deputy Chief move out of the Freedom Township Volunteer Fire Company’s first due coverage area, he/she must relinquish their office within thirty (30) days.






            At the election of each officer he/she is required to make to following affirmation: “I (state your name) do hereby solemnly promise that I will faithfully discharge the duties of my office to the best of my knowledge and ability until my successor is installed. I promise to follow the By-laws, of this Company, and guidelines of operation as described.”





            When a person is accepted into membership, the following affirmation will be stated: “I (state your name) do hereby promise that I will observe and strictly obey all the laws, rules, and regulations governing this Company and do further declare that I will endeavor to promote the welfare of the Company.”





            Section 1. These by-laws, may be amended by a two thirds (2/3) vote of members present at any stated meeting of the Company according to the provisions outlined hereafter.

            Section 2. Proposed amendments may be suggested at any stated meeting of the Company, at which time the same shall be delivered to the by-law committee for review and recommendation. The by-law committee shall investigate the merit of proposed amendments regarding and whether adoption would have any adverse effect on the Company or on by-law provisions already established.

            Section3. If the proposed amendments appear to have merit, the by-law committee shall formulate the wording to be used and decide where in the overall structure the addition shall be placed. The by-law committee shall also formulate any adjustments required for other provisions of these by-laws which become necessary with adoption of the proposed amendment(s).

            Section 4. The new amendments, as formulated and recommended by the by-law committee, shall be posted at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting wherein the same will be considered for adoption by the membership. Sufficient copies of proposed amendments shall be distributed to members for their use at the meeting wherein a vote for approval will be taken.

            Section 5. The final vote for approval or disapproval of by-law amendments shall be accomplished during the “unfinished business” portion of the next monthly meeting of the Company following the completion of the by-law committee work in accordance with the posting requirement in Article XIII, Section 4.

            Section 6. The secretary shall maintain a file of all amendments made since the most recent updating of these by-laws and shall also keep a duplicate set of by-laws and amendments available for reference in the book of minutes in case a question should arise during the course of a meeting. A copy of all new amendments to these by-laws shall be submitted to the Companies accountant within one (1) week of adoption.












            Section 1. All charges against an officer or member for violation of the Standard Operating Guidelines or these By-laws shall be submitted in writing to the highest ranking Administrative officer not involved in the charges and shall clearly specify the offense, time, and place of occurrence. Such charges must be presented within three (3) days of the offense; except it be clearly shown the offense had remained unknown. Upon receiving the charges, the highest ranking Administrative officer shall distribute a copy of the charges to the accused and the trial committee.

            Section 2. Within (48) hours of receiving the charges, the trial committee shall meet to determine the merit of the allegation(s). If merit is determined, the accused shall be considered under temporary suspension and relieved of his/her duties until a verdict is rendered.

            Section 3. Both the accused and accuser shall have the right to have any member of the Company to appear before the committee as counsel.

            Section 4. Any member making any false verbal or written charges or accusations against a member may be adjudged guilty of disorderly conduct at the discretion of the trial committee.

            Section 5. Upon determining merit, a trial date will be set by the Trial Committee no later than seven (7) days from the Trial Committee’s meeting, and the accused and accuser shall have the right to be present or be represented pursuant to Section 3 above.

            Section 6. Upon reviewing both sides, the Trial Committee shall determine a guilty or not guilty judgment and determine punishment if the judgment is guilty. The Trial Committee shall immediately thereafter notify the accused and accuser of the outcome.

            Section 7. Unless involved with the charges, the President shall conduct all meetings concerning these matters as the chairman of the Trial Committee. In Trial Committee session, the first order of business after discussion shall be a selective ballot among the Trial Committee for either conviction or acquittal. If the vote is for conviction, which shall require a majority vote, further discussion shall take place to decide the course of punishment, which may be in the form of a motion approved by a majority of the Trial Committee.





            Section 1. The Officer in Charge may, at any time the Company is under his/her control remove any member from any emergency or active status for disorderly conduct or disobeying his/her command and has the right to resolve the issue or file charges.

            Section 2. Any person in charge of a function may remove a member for disorderly conduct.

            Section 3. Any member using any fire equipment for personal use must receive permission from the Chief.

            Section 4. Any member destroying Company property, or fighting on fire Company property or on an emergency scene where the Company is called to duty will be removed from the company for (30) thirty days and be brought up to trial committee for further punishment or removal of the Company.

            Section 5. Any member loaning his/her key to the building to any person not a member shall take full responsibility for any damage or missing items.

            Section 6. Any member withholding any information pertaining to their State issued Driver’s License restrictions (DUI, suspended license, etc.) shall be charged and brought before the Trial Committee.





            The funds of the Company shall be used in the purchase of equipment, building maintenance and improvements, to pay the running expenses of the Company, for floral tributes in case of death, planter for members in hospitals, training expenses, and community donations.







            Section 1. All drivers of the Company shall be over the age of (18) eighteen and qualified to operate the units. Qualification of the units will be approved by the Emergency Service Coordinator of the Township and Fire Chief.

            Section 2. All new drivers must abide by the state laws, and a drivers card signed by the Chief. Drivers must obey the weight limits and restrictions from the Guidelines of Operations.

            Section 3. All current drivers must take an (8) eight hour EVOC class every (2) two years. New drivers must have a (16) sixteen hour EVOC class.















COMMITTEE’S (Dinner, Bingo, Fundraising/Hall rental, By-laws, Ox Roast)




























            The By-laws authorizes the rental of the hall as a function, as a fund raising project for the Company. The current hall manager sets the rates and cleaning fees for the events. The Company authorizes the use of the hall to a member in good standings for their personal use for a charge of fifty dollars ($50.00). All church organizations within the call area may rent the hall for the same charge as a member in good standing if available.







            Section 1. All committees shall have at least a chair person and a co-chair and may contain members in good standing.

            Section 2. The chair person shall have full responsibility for the committee they are chair of. All persons working under the chair person shall report to them directly. The Chairperson, or in their absence, the co-chair, must also give a monthly summary on all functions in charge of to the membership.






            Section 1. All new active members must obtain (40) forty hours of Company training and a state certified basic class, within 1 year of joining. After the first year, all members retaining their active status must have at least (20) twenty hours of training a year. All classes sponsored by the Company will be credited toward the (20) twenty hours needed.

            Section 2. All new and active members must abide by the current Standard Operating Guidelines.















            This Company does not discriminate on race, creed, color, disability or sex. All members are treated equal.





            Section 1. The fiscal year of the Company shall be from January 1st to December 31st of each year.

            Section 2. The Company shall operate under Standard Operating Guidelines (SOG) as legislated and enforced by the Fire Chief and his board of Chief Officers.

            The foregoing revised edition of the By-laws of The Freedom Township Volunteer Fire Company was approved and adopted as a whole at a regular stated meeting of the Company on March 12, 2013.